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have you guys not posted this yet?

I haven’t! I’ve never seen this before,actually!
Free Jahar Video

Can everyone please take like a few minutes out of their life and help me with this support video for Jahar. All you need to do is take a picture of a poster, or even you holding the poster. The poster needs to go along the lines of “Jahar and Tamerlan are Innocent” or “Stay Strong Jahar” or “Free Jahar” or “Justice for Tsarnaev brothers”  etc. you can write whatever you want as long as it’s related to Jahar. Please send your pictures to me on my email which is freejahar@hotmail or send it to me on tumblr ( or you can even tweet your poster to me, my twitter is @_freejahar_ 

Please can you send the pictures in by tomorrow. Thank you so much.

hey guys is there anyone that wants to take part in a video for jahar and tamerlan? please contact me either on here or on twitter which is @_freejahar_ thanks :)

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“May God be with you”
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Honestly, people forget that he’s a human being just like everyone else. It’s because the media makes him out to seem like he’s some kind of monster even though he hasn’t been tried in court yet. It’s sad and irritating that the media has the immense power to create a reality for majority of people and that they live their lives not questioning a single thing.
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We miss you dearly . We love you and you will never be forgotten. What the FBI did to you we will never get peace but we will def get justice. RIP IBRAGIM TODASHEV
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I found an enhanced version of one of the boat pics.  Bad news you guys…

wow i guess it’s time to delete this blog
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That is Tamerlan but that picture was taken two years ago!  Clearly!  Whether the were there or not I do not know my dear, but I see the photoshop all over!!  Have not been there with them, I am in Chechnya!
I don’t know how true this is because I was under the impression she was no longer in Chechnya. 

I actually don’t believe this, Zubeidat &nd Anzor aren’t longer in Chechnya right?
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omg you guys my mom just pointed out that the 3 on the second pic is backwards. The open part of the 3 should be facing the front of the hat!

If you are talking about the first two pictures, their on 2 different sides so they can be facing different ways. As for the third one its still a 3 its just really blurry and bad quality.

ugh people are still thinking that’s a 7? You’re being delusional, guys, that’s a 3, it curls at the bottom, and it’ clearly the same 3 that’s in all the other photos with just a bit of blur. Time to drop this line of enquiry
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